Top 5 tools to make your matched betting profitable

1. 2up calculator

The 2up calculator is one of the most important tools every matched bettor should use to make potentially huge profits on 2up offers. These offers are usually from bet365 and paddypower and can be highly profitable if done right. For example you can get a full payout from your bet of your team goes up by two goals or more in a single match which then allows you to cash out your lay bet and make a decent profit on a single bet. You can also place multiple bets throughout the day if there are enough 2up offer matches which increases your chances of making an even bigger profit in a single day. So for that reason alone it is our pick for the #1 place as the best tool for matched bettors who want to make huge profits in a low amount of time.

2. The oddsmatcher

The oddsmatcher has to be one of the single most helpful tools for any matched bettor out there. It is both useful to have to find close odds matches and to generate small income from arbitrage opportunities in the markets but be careful when chasing “arbs” as this can lead to quick gubbings from the bookies or stake restrictions on your bets. Whatever you use the oddsmatcher for it’s always most helpful to find easy access to the lay markets as well as the bookmaker match pages that is why we place the oddsmatcher in seconds place for our top 5 best tools any matched bettor should have.

3. The matched betting calculator

This one is a classic. Of course we have to include it in our list as it is the single most important calculator out there. With this tool you can calculate your profit or loss for any single bet on any market you want. It will also tell you what the liability is and give you the exact lay stake to place on the exchanges to generate the most profit from your matched bets. As any matched bettor knows this tool you just cannot live without.

4. Bet tracker/ offer page

Now this one’s a bit tricky as most matched bettors have different preferences to tracking their bets and the profits or losses they made and the matched betting providers they use. However we still think it’s still one of the most important tools for any matched bettor to use to track their matched betting progress and see how much profit they are generating. If you’re just starting off a simple spreadsheet with your profit and losses can suffice but you’re really going after those offers then using one of the paid services for matched betting is always a good idea to help you focus on the offers rather than the tracking of the bets. Combine this with the daily offers pages you get when using one of the paid matched betting services and you get yourself a money printing machine.

5. The accumulator calculator

This one is the last one in our list however it’s one of the hardest things to do in matched betting so we believe it’s one of the most important tools for any matched bettor to have to be able to take advantage of any accumulator offers which can be quite profitable even though they can be a bit tricky to wrap your head around at the beginning which is why we picked the accumulator calculator as one of the most important tools when it comes to matched betting as it makes it so much easier to extract the profit from accumulator offers without the hassle of figuring out all the math’s behind it. There are some accumulator calculators out there which are free but we do recommend going for a paid service one as these usually are the most accurate and you can get plenty of help from love chat on how to use one of you run into any troubles.

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