Is Sports Arbitrage profitable long term?

The answer is Yes.

Sports arbitrage opportunities can be very profitable if you are using the correct tools to find the right bets to bet on and potentially lay the outcome for a true arbitrage opportunity. This is especially true when betting on the tennis in-play markets which tend to have fast-changing odds where the bookmakers can’t keep up with the how fast the odds update creating in-play arbitrage opportunities.

Making money through sports betting is nothing new

You may have seen documentaries online about sports bettors who sit at live tennis games to gain an edge on the bookmakers by having just a few seconds to know the outcome before the bookmakers can update their odds on their system. This is one way someone may gain an edge over the bookmakers however most people can’t go to every tennis tournament and place bets from the stands.

Gaining the edge over the bookmakers

There is a much simpler solution to gain the edge you’re looking for it’s called arbitrage betting or sure-betting. What arbitrage and sure betting mean is the fact that no matter what outcome of the sporting event you will make money either way. Here on GenedUp, we have a few nifty tools to help you catch some of the arbitrage opportunities however if you want to make the real profit you’ll have to get into live in-play arbitrage betting.

Guaranteed profit bet providers

Now there are two main providers for this. The first is the sure-betting tool from RebelBetting and the second is the more sophisticated tool from BetBurger. Both of these providers will make you long term profits so we recommend giving them both a trial to see which one fits your betting needs best.

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