Is matched betting long term realistic?

Simply yes.

How long can Matched Betting be done for?

Matched betting can be done for any length of time. Short term you would be focusing on the most profitable welcome offers and highly profitable reload offers, however, once you completed all your welcome offers you can only do reload offers and other promotions like the 2up promotion from bet365 and paddy power. These extra promotions are a great way to earn extra matched betting income including bet boosts. Bet boosts are a way to boost your odds on any match or event usually they apply to horse races but can be done on any given sporting event.

Most profitable time when matched betting

When starting matched betting you will always make most of your money at the beginning so a good start will be very important as you can then have a bigger bank to do more offers and get on more bet boosts to boost your profit each month.

How to keep making money long term

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to do matched betting long term is trying to do too much this also applies to the matched betting beginners who frequently make mistakes as they are not used to placing bets. Now once you get a hang of matched betting it’s usually quite easy to keep going for a long time. Sometimes you can burn out as there are periods when the offers are not as good or there aren’t as many offers available as when you started but don’t beat yourself up too much as the offers will always come back and better than ever.

What to do next after matched betting?

Once you’ve “finished” matched betting or if you’re looking to make some extra income in other ways then doing casino offers is almost as good if not better than matched betting itself. It involves the same principle of using profitable offers from online casinos to generate revenue for your wallet. Check out TeamCasino.com if you want to learn more about profiting from casino offers they provide one of the best services out there.

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